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8:30 AM ~ 4:30 PM


California Training Academy
20 Goodyear Irvine, CA 92618


Liz Sheehy
Training Coordinator
800-519-8794 ext.163

Level 2/3 NPE : Installation, Operation and Diagnostics

Seats remaining 12
Tuition without hotel : $ 150
Navien America is pleased to welcome you and members of your company to our state-of-the-art training academy for an in-depth training experience taught by our expert instructors. Our facility provides the opportunity to work in a hands-on environment and learn real world application. This course covers the Navien NPE.

Level 2/3 NPE

Course Details:
  • Approximately 8hr seminar with interactive product demonstrations
  • Includes Navien parts kit (over $500 value!) and all course materials
  • Breakfast and lunch provided
  • Certificate of completion issued at close of class
Subjects covered include, but not limited to:
- Complete installation
- Tankless unit sizing and unit selection
- Gas line sizing overview
- Tankless appliance venting
- Power requirements
- Mounting unit(s)
- Venting single units
- Domestic water piping
- DIP switch settings
- Internal or external circulation selection and features
- Remote control applications, features and use
- Multiple unit cascade control, wiring and setup
- Multiple unit cascade venting
- Air/fuel mixture adjustment
- Product applications
- Basic error codes and diagnostics
- Limited hands-on equipment service
- Descriptions of error codes and relationship of components
- Comprehensive installation mistakes reviewed and corrective actions needed
- Hands on service, including unit breakdown and reassembly
- Warranty information

a time limit for application : 04/28/2014 ~ 06/09/2014


Registration must be received 72 hours prior to class date. To inquire about late registration, Please contact Liz Ketchum at 800-519-8794 ext. 163

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